Ireland, like all ancient civilisations, saw honey not just as food but as food for the gods. Our secret recipe is inspired by St Gobnait, Ireland’s Patron Saint of Beekeepers. In a 6th Century convent in Cork, St Gobnait dedicated her life to beekeeping and caring for the sick. Legend tells of her mystical power over bees. Each year on 11th February St Gobnait is honoured in Ireland. THE WILD GEESE IRISH HONEY LIQUEUR honours her spirit by using 100% pure natural honey.


THE WILD GEESE IRISH HONEY LIQUEUR is the first and only super premium honey liqueur produced in Ireland, offering an alternative for traditional whiskey drinkers, and a mild introduction to smooth Irish whiskey for new consumers.

Lifted aromas of honey and spice expertly infused to give a multi layered long lasting finish. Sublime on it’s own over ice or as a chilled shot, it also makes a refreshing and delicious long drink mixed with ginger beer or sophisticated twist on the Caipanha when mixed with lime and crushed ice.

Nose: Lifted aromas of honey with a hint of vanilla Irish whiskey spice
Palate: Clean, sweet tasting honey with a hint of whiskey spice expertly integrated to give multi layered complex flavours.
Finish: A long lasting finish.


Enjoy 1 part THE WILD GEESE IRISH HONEY LIQUEUR mixed long over ice, with 3 parts ginger ale.


Cut a lime into wedges, muddle in glass, add crushed ice and a generous measure of THE WILD GEESE IRISH HONEY LIQUEUR.


2 parts THE WILD GEESE IRISH HONEY LIQUEUR mixed over ice in a short glass.

The Wild Geese® Irish Honey Li...