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The Wild Geese Rum is a multi award winning Collection of Caribbean Rums.

Winner of 8 medals in two months, including two Golds and two ratings of 'Exceptional', plus one of 'Best Value for Money' from the Beverage Tasting Institute – the same institute that gave Grey Goose® similar ratings.

Simone Caporale, bartender at London's Artesian bar, recognised as the World's Best Bar for two years running. After enjoying The Wild Geese Rum and creating bespoke cocktails using it, he explained it's appeal:

The Wild Geese Golden Rum
"Wild, golden and very versatile, The Wild Geese Golden Rum is a mixture of rums aged for 3-5 years from different islands in the Caribbean: Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana. Different areas have different personalities and are combined in the same bottle. Produced using the traditional pot still distillation, this creates a unique aroma."

The Wild Geese Golden Rum from the heart of the Caribbean, is matured in bourbon oak barrels and aged for up to five years. Hand-picked parcels of aged rum achieve a unique, versatile, sweet and complex dark pouring rum that's great on its own and perfect for mixing cocktails. Use The Wild Geese Golden Rum to make the ideal Mojito!

The Wild Geese Premium Rum

"Mysterious, powerful, unique. The Wild Geese Premium Rum has a powerful flavour which mixes very well in cocktails. As a mixologist, you are always looking for the best protagonist for a cocktail and in this case it's The Wild Geese"

The Wild Geese Premium Rum is an intense, bright gold blend of rums, aged for up to eight years, from Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana. Its clean pronounced nose hints at its soft, aged Bajan heritage and honeyed aromatic Guyanese and Jamaican pot still character.

The Wild Geese Caribbean Spiced Rum
The Wild Geese Collection also includes the Caribbean Spiced. Aged for up to five years and blended with tropical fruits around a heart of spice, The Wild Geese Caribbean Spiced is subtle yet strong and made for mixing.

In North America The Wild Geese Rum Collection is sold under the 'brand name' of "The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes Rum Collection".

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